Legislature and Activist Training

The Tennessee Tea Party, in partnership with the Tennessee Center for Policy Research and the Tennessee Eagle Forum, offers activist training classes that sets the foundation for anyone new to the legislative process and citizen lobbying.  The Legislature 101 class begins with the basics and builds to the mechanics of how our General Assembly operates.  The Legislature 102 class builds on that foundation and further explores citizen lobbying and the inner workings of Capitol hill.  There is also a 3rd class that covers local and county governments.  If you have not attended one of these classes and would like to, or if you woulld like to offer these classes to your group please check with the Tennessee Tea Party.  You can reach them via email at info@tnteaparty.org.

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Legislature 101 Course Outline

The Activist Tool Kit

             How to write/email elected officials persuasively
             How to call elected officials persuasively
             How to have an effective meeting with elected officials
             How to write a letter to the editor and get it published
             How to write an opinions article and get it published
             How to call in and get on talk radio
             How to conduct a local TV interview
             How to submit an open records request 
             How a bill becomes a law 
A Lobbyist's View From the Inside

            What is lobbying?
            First Things First
            Build Relationships - Some things to keep in mind
            Sometimes you have to oppose your friends.


The State Legislature 

 Purpose of the state legislature 
            How does the state legislature function? 
            Your Legislator 
                        a proper perspective, duties 
                        schedule of a legislator 
            Timing - understanding the schedule of the legislature
How and where do I get the information I need?
What is a bill? 
            Path it travels from conception to signing, power it has 
What is a resolution? 
            Path it travels from conception to signing, power it has
What is a Private Act? 
            Path it travels from conception to signing, power it has
Rules of order & why do they matter
Important definitions and terms