Tennesseans possibly interested in state laws to demagnetize Tennessee to illegal immigration:   Your help is needed immediately. Please get this information to your e-mail lists and follow the instructions I give below. You may forward this e-mail. Tennesseans have a chance during this state legislative session to get some good, tough immigration-enforcement legislation passed. Efforts to get this in the past have mostly been killed or weakened by the business lobby and others in Tennessee who profit in some way, money and/or power, from illegal immigration.   Now we have a number of new and returning state lawmakers who, in response to their constituents, are serious about taking Tennessee forward in demagnetizing Tennessee to illegal immigration.   Several state lawmakers have filed enforcement bills, and state Rep. Joe Carr, R-Lascassas, has developed three enforcement bills, including mandating use of the federal E-Verify system by all employers to verify that new hires are authorized to work in the United States. Carr has indicated he will file his bills shortly and will then speak publicly about them.   Gov. Bill Haslam has now announced he will push his own bill, and the message is that his administration wants to control what is passed. Because of the influence of the business lobby on his administration and because Haslam did not include immigration enforcement as a priority during his recent campaign, there is reason to doubt his commitment to tough enforcement on this issue. Haslam's announcement that he wants all concerns rolled into his one bill increases the chances the result will be a weakened effort that will be difficult for all but Haslam's hand-picked state legislators to influence.   I want to point out that more than one poll of business owners, including polls by the NFIB of its own members, has shown that the majority of these employers support immigration enforcement and that the business lobby is working in direct opposition to what the majority of polled employers have said they want, including hiring enforcement.   A recent study from Northeastern University shows that illegal aliens are gaining U.S. jobs while American workers are losing them. Many of these jobs are in construction.   Haslam's attempt to do an end run around Rep. Carr's and others' bills raises suspicions, and I am inclined to support the separate bills proposed by Carr and other lawmakers without undue influence from the governor and special interests on the legislative process in the people's state house and senate.   Following my name below is information about polls of business owners.   I ask you to consider all of this information carefully. Please e-mail and call Gov. Haslam, your state representative, and your state senator immediately and tell them what you expect from them regarding the demagnetization of Tennessee to illegal immigration.   Find your lawmakers' contact info here:   Gov. Bill Haslam: , 615-741-2001 Lt. Gov. and Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey: , 615-741-4524 Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell: , 615-741-0709    Thank you.   Donna Locke immigration-control activist Maury County, Tennessee 931-490-0247   Regarding NFIB membership’s views on immigration enforcement, pages 22-26 of this 1/09 NFIB study lists the results of several immigration-related poll questions. The study polls 500 NFIB members and 500 other small business owners to see if there was a difference in perspective. NFIB conducted a full poll of its membership in 2006. Unfortunately, that poll is now only available to NFIB members. The Center for Immigration Studies refers to it in a 2/10 study entitled Business and Labor on Immigration Contrasting Views of Leaders vs. Rank and File. The 2006 poll is also described here. And here: