About Us


The Tennessee Legislative Watch is a joint effort of Tennessee tea party, 9-12, and other conservative groups, as well as ordinary concerned citizens of the great state of Tennessee.  We have joined together to provide a single website portal to aggregate and disseminate pertinent information relative to the actions of the Tennessee General Assembly.  Our team of volunteers work together to track and report on legislation that is of concern to us.  We will make this information available to the community at large and will issue action alerts when appropriate. 

The importance of this initiative is twofold.  First, it is most difficult for the average person to get the full story of the inner workings during the life of a bill as it passes through the General Assembly.  While the General Assembly website is most informative you can only get the information on the final outcome or brief summary of any activities on a piece of legislation.  Our service provides eyewitness intell on what actions took place as a bill travels through the Assembly.  Our volunteer staff will report on the debate that may have taken place as well as any roadblocks or parliamentary maneuvers that the opposition may have tried to thwart a bills progress.  You can only get this kind of perspective by actually being there while the debate is going on or by watching countless hours of video of the proceedings.  Second, we must make a concerted effort to unite behind and support this initiative.  If we as individual groups or as individual citizens tried to undertake such in-depth coverage we would likely fail because the expenditure of time is so great.  To divide the load among the many groups and to share the information is the key to our success.

It is also central to our mission that as our volunteer staff is continually present on the Hill that they will build vital relationships with our Representatives.  Our mere presence will demonstrate our resolve but our networking and building relationships of trust will enable us to leverage our positions much more effectively.

It is our hope that all Tennessee liberty groups will support and participate in this endeavor.  A wise man once said "If you want to be incrementally better: Be competitive. If you want to be exponentially better: Be cooperative." 

Support a Watchdog

If you like being informed of the legislative activity that goes on in our General Assembly please consider sponsoring a Watchdog.  These folks are volunteers who give up their time each week to attend all relevent committee, House, and Senate sessions to keep you informed on activity on bills that are of interest to us.  Session calendars and daily reports are published on the Watchdog Facebook page here.  Your donations will provide a $20 per diem to cover gas, parking, and a lunch for these individuals who spend 6 to 8 hours a day at the legislature.

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We Stand With Gibson Rally

Please join us and lend your support on Saturday Oct 8 from 2-4PM in the parking lot of the Scoreboard Restaurant in the Opryland area of Nashville (Map) along with our special guests:

Gibson Chairman and CEO
Henry Juszkiewicz

Congressman Marsha Blackburn

Talk Radio Hosts:
Steve Gill
Phil Valentine
Mark Skoda

Amy Kremer, Chairman, Tea Party Express

If you can help with the rally or you need additional information or maybe you know an artist who would be kind enough to perform please send us an email to: GibsonRally@gmail.com